Garden Caring Options



Permanent placements

Home Permanent placements

We would firstly take a comprehensive job specification from you. From this we would present you with a short list of candidates.

The facilitator will either assist you with the interview, or simply be available to answer any questions.

The facilitator will make sure that the duties are clearly defined and that the candidates are suitably, able and willing to perform these duties.


All references and contact numbers of referees will be made available.


When you have selected an employee, we would assist you with the contract of employment. In terms of the contract your new employee would be subject to a probationary period of up to 90 days or 3 months. We will be present when the contract is drawn up and make sure that the new employee clearly understands what is expected of him/her. Our fee is payable on the day the domestic/gardener starts working for you. This equates to 15% (fifteen percent) of his/her annual salary plus VAT, covered by a 3 month warranty, terms and condition of which are outlined below.



OUR FEE is calculated as a percentage of the employee’s annual salary. This is due and payable on commencement of employment. All candidates are properly screened by professional HR specialists and every effort is made to ensure that the candidate we present to you will be able to fulfill the duties required of them by you. Our fee is 20% of the annual salary, plus VAT. This fee is payable by the employer and there is no charge to prospective employees. Employment of a candidate referred byTHREE R’s Property Care services will be deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions.

is subject to validation, which is by full payment being made immediately of the employee commencing employment. The warranty is not valid where the candidate is no longer employed due to termination owing to operational requirements, unfair labour practices or breach of contract with the employee.


REPLACEMENT. THREE R’s Property Care services undertakes to replace the employee with a candidate willing and able to fulfill the same tasks and duties as in the original employee’s contract. Whereas every effort is made to replace the employee as soon as possible, THREE R’s Property Care services undertakes to replace the employee within 7 (seven) days of the employee leaving or of being advised that a replacement is required.


  1. Whereas every effort is made to ensure that the person working in your home is honest and competent and does not have a history of negligence or clumsiness, accidents do occur. THREE R’s Property Care services does not accept liability for any act or omission or delict which might result in loss of or damage to, your property.


WARRANTY Should the employee not prove satisfactory then we will be pleased to provide a replacement at no further charge during the warranty period of 90 days from date of commencement of the contract.




Managed Placements

Home Managed Placements

We source and place a gardener for you and also manage them on your behalf.


What are the benefits of managed placements?

1. Our staff is well trained, reliable, uniformed, clearly identifiable and supervised. They also receive ongoing training to ensure they advance and keep up to date with new methods and technology.

2. Our company will do random checks on your property to ensure a high level of service is maintained.

3. We will set-up meetings at regular intervals, at least 3 times a year, between us and the client to discuss progress and any requirements beneficial in upgrading the aesthetics and value of the property (where necessary).

4. We have Public Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance for your and our staff’s peace of mind.

5. A debit order facility is in place for easy and convenient payments of your services and we recommend you complete this form to avoid any penalty charges for late payments or service suspensions.

6. We register our staff for UIF, take care of their sick leave, family responsibility, holiday breaks and all other Labour Relations issues.

7. Our staff is permanently based to ensure a good relationship is built up between the client and staff member/s.

8. They have been professionally screened by qualified HR specialists to minimize security risks and will be registered with your security company (where applicable).





Garden Service Teams

Home Garden service care teams

Gardens are serviced once a week.

Each team has a team leader who oversees the work done in each garden.  A Supervisor will be present, 80% of the time.


He is responsible for keeping record of work done and of listing problems.


These lists are submitted on a weekly basis; the listed problems are noted and prioritized.


Basic garden maintenance consists of weeding, cutting and edging the lawn, weeding the garden


Beds, raking, sweeping and trimming of small shrubs.  If any additional tasks are required, we ask that e-mail requests are sent to any of the listed emails.  Many of the team members do not speak first language English and this can result in misunderstandings if requests are made directly to the team.


There is no charge for the pruning of small trees, but this task must be scheduled through the Office as it is done by a specialized team. Basic pruning of roses is done in July or August. Roses can also be fertilized and sprayed at this time at an additional cost.




Lawns and flower beds are fertilized twice a year in spring and mid-summer.  Vegetable gardens are weeded, but because this is an edible produce we will not undertake pesticide applications of any sort.


Lawns should ideally be top dressed every 2-3 years, depending on the lawn requirements. Should you require this will be done by us at an extra cost when required.  It must be noted that this topdressing is done with a mixture of soil and compost and as such it is fairly sandy.


It is recommended to fertilize your garden twice annually, but ideally this should be done more often. You may choose to use organic or chemical fertilizer.


Dependent on the type of garden and plants used, flower beds can also be fertilized more often.   THREE R’s Property Care services prefers to use an organic fertilizer.


The addition of compost to flower beds on an annual basis is recommended – this should be done in winter and spring and is best followed by an application of mulch.


Garden types vary enormously as do the requirements of homeowners. The garden care service supplied by THREE R’s Property Care services ranges between a very basic  to standard service and will not cover the needs of every garden type or homeowner.  In some instances extra maintenance will be necessary. This could be on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis.

Please note that it is company policy that staff is not allowed to work for third parties outside of their normal working hours.  This is due to restraint of trade, security and liability reasons. Any extra service required must be arranged with us before hand where we will give you our considered and experienced advise and assistance.


If additional planting is required or an upgrade is needed for an existing garden (partial or complete), please contact the office for advice.  If using an external service provider, the office must be notified regarding the planned changes to ensure that the garden maintenance is adjusted to the new landscaped garden.


If you are a dog owner, please notify the office. If your animal is aggressive, please liaise with the office regarding garden maintenance visits and arrange for the animal to be locked away. We also recommend that your garden and courtyard gates are kept locked to prevent accidents.


THREE R’s Property Care servicesalso do ONCE-OFF GARDEN CLEAN-Ups


From once off clean ups to tree felling, we will assess the situation and suggest the most cost effective way of solving the problem.



We also offer a unique “Gardener On Site Assisting Service” that has proved to be helpful in cases where customers have a gardener, who has limited knowledge or tools to do certain garden work. We can visit your property once a month or once every three months to assist your gardener in performing the daily tasks in the garden that will help him in his chores.

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